Bell + Howell LIGHT BAR

The Light Bar from Bell + Howell makes for a great lighting system in or around your home, while camping or in your travels. The 60 LED bulbs lighting surface boasts 720 Lumens of power while being energy-efficient at the same time. This product doesn't utilize batteries but lights up for hours on end in between transmissions. And because they do not heat up, and since they power up even when not attached to an outlet, they are safe to use and the portability is one that is convenient. User-friendly, the Light Bar has an On/Off switch, and built-in stand that folds away when not in use. Available in 3 colors: Grey, White, and Black.


  • 60 LED Bulbs / 720 lumens

  • Portable and lightweight

  • LED bulbs have efficient heat dissipation mechanisms

  • built-in STAND

  • 12 hours non-stop power

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